Our Terms Of Service.

Slingshot Ahead Inc.

In all future references, “opportunity coordinator” will refer to employees of Slingshot Ahead, “internship” will refer to any professional opportunity provided by Slingshot Ahead, “student” will refer to the person from Slingshot Ahead’s Discord community who is being matched with an internship, and “company” will refer to the company that is taking on an intern.

  1. In the event that a company extends a student an internship offer and they accept, the company agrees to pay Slingshot Ahead a $1600 program fee within a week of the student accepting their offer and continue to pay Slingshot Ahead $1600 per month for every month that the student works with the company for up to 12 months of work. The company agrees to pay $1600 per month per student they hire according to the above-stated timeline.
  2. The company agrees to keep Slingshot Ahead CCed on all communications with the student before the company pays Slingshot Ahead for their matching services, including but not limited to any offer or rejection letters.
  3. The company agrees not to attempt to interview or hire students from the Slingshot Discord community without following the procedures outlined in this document.
  4. The company agrees not to join the Slingshot Discord community for the purpose of recruiting students.
  5. Both the student and the company agree that Slingshot Ahead is purely a matching service. The student and the company also agree that once a student has successfully accepted an internship from a company, Slingshot Ahead will have no involvement in anything that happens afterward and is not legally liable for any violation of the student’s and/or the company’s rights. The company and the student also agree to follow all international, federal, and state internship and child labor laws, and if any laws, internship or otherwise, are broken during the internship, Slingshot Ahead is not liable. All international students also agree to not do any work for the company while in the United States in order to comply with international visa regulations.
  6. In the event that a company breaches the Slingshot Ahead Terms of Service, as stated in this document, the company will be held liable for paying any and all legal fees incurred by Slingshot Ahead in the process of seeking legal action against the company that has breached the Slingshot Ahead Terms of Service.